If you have questions to include in the quiz, please send to me. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming or not!


Please make your questions multiple choice (with options A to D) and if we select yours to use on the night, we’ll credit you!

And later we’ll publish the questions and answers.


Please send to me by the end of Thursday 13 February to be considered. Midnight is fine, or even 6am Valentine’s Day.

We’ll be putting the final quiz together on Friday, and I don’t get up until well after then! 😊


There will be 5 rounds, and the themes (which could change) are:

  1. People, e.g. who was the first president of ASC?
  2. Places, e.g. where was the first ASC conference held?
  3. Events, e.g. What major science communication event happened in Australia in 2007?
  4. Numbers / dates, e.g. How many female presidents has ASC had?
  5. International, e.g. What major policy document first started talking about the importance of dialogue?






When: 6.30pm Sunday February 16

Where: Dooley's Irish Bar, 2077 Dandenong Rd, Clayton

Join your colleagues at the opening night of ASC2020 Conference and reminisce about Australian science communication events and people - great and small. Celebrate ASC’s 25-year history as an organisation. Dig even further back into our Indigenous and colonial past.

Who have been our famous science communicators? When did it all start? What science communication events have shaped our country today?

Come along and form a team of 4-6 people. Give your team a name and test your knowledge of Australia's dark science communication past.

Ticketed event. Conference delegates free; public $25

MUST RSVP by 12 February

Free for delegates – RSVPs essential, $25 for public.


Jenni Metcalfe (PhD)

Director, Econnect Communication

Bringing science to life


phone: +61 (0) 408 551 866

Skype: jenni.metcalfe

Twitter: @JenniMet