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I hope you're all aware - excited even - that the next conference is being planned and will be brilliant. You should _totes_ register now (before the prices hike up!). And bring your friends, colleagues and scientists you argue with about how to communicate.

Info is here http://asc2020.asc.asn.au.

I'm also sure you know that ASC is volunteer-led and has the lowest annual fees in this or any other universe*  We run the conferences on a shoestring, sometime within a few bucks of breaking even. EVERY extra attendee helps!

BUT What would be amazing, would be if all you wonderful people out there in email-list-land  were to help us find sponsors. You know ASC is an amazing network, and the chance for any science related organisation to get their brand in front of our conference is gold. So, share that opportunity with your boss/CEO/marketing department.

I've pasted an email below that you can forward or edit for your own porpoises, or you can visit here http://asc2020.asc.asn.au/sponsorship/ 

It's going to be a great conference! Looking forward to seeing you, your colleagues and your boss's cheque book there!

Phil,  National VP

* still awaiting full results from the inter-dimensional multiverse survey monkey poll.

Promotional opportunity at the National Conference of the Australian Science Communicators

I’m writing to offer you an opportunity to promote your organisation and to help make the Eleventh National Conference of the Australian Science Communicators a success.

It’s a chance to get your brand in front of a remarkable cross-section of the science industry. The highly-regarded conference occupies a unique place in Australia, attracting journalists, corporate communicators, policy officers, publicists, writers, exhibition designers, educators, scientists and many others with a common interest in effectively communicating science.

In past conferences delegates from over 100 organisations have heard from presenters as diverse as the Chief Scientist, prominent journalists and science superstars Dr Karl and Derek Muller (Veritasium). Our sponsorship packages will put you in excellent company.

The conference will be held in the third week of February at Monash University in Melbourne, and brings together Australia’s broad range of science communicators, to share best-practice theory, workshops and case studies.

Previous conferences have attracted up to 500 people, ranging from students to long-term practitioners – all with a strong interest in science-related fields.

The theme for the conference is Priorities, Policies and Publics for Human Survival, and we still have opportunities left for sponsorship, ranging from trade tables in the high-traffic catering area of the conference, high-visibility digital signage, satchel inserts, evening networking sponsor and more – all for highly attractive prices.

Email us for a list of possibilities - and we are happy to customise something that suits your needs.

If you think you might be interested in partnering with us, please contact Kali Madden at sponsorship@asc.asn.au, National President Lisa Bailey on 0427 490 088 or myself on 0414 945 577.

More info is here http://asc2020.asc.asn.au/sponsorship/

Kind regards,

Phil Dooley
Australian Science Communicators

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