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For the Love of Science

In the era of ‘alternative facts’ the need for scientists to share what they learn with others has never been more important. To find out how well actual facts are being shared from the source, the Science Nation is going to experiment on a panel of scientists and their partners to find out just how much information is transmitted. Join the Science Nation in May for some fun and to learn a thing or two as we put love and science to the test.

Events will be held on the following dates and cities:

4 May – Adelaide

Putting their reputation and relationships on the line in Adelaide are: palaeontologist, Royal Society of South Australia membership secretary and ex-underwater rugby player, Dr Alice Clement; ecologist, drone pilot and avid orangutan enthusiast, Molly Ellis Hennekam; material nano-engineer and inventor of the game-changing pee-box technology, Dr Melanie MacGregor; and wine chemist, wine educator and aspiring llama farmer, A/Prof Kerry Wilkinson.

Adelaide 4

5 May – Melbourne

Putting their reputation and relationships on the line in Melbourne are: nanofabrication process engineer and avid foodie, Dr Yang Choon Lim; aerospace engineer and dog lover, Dr Matthew Marino; organic physicist, overly-enthusiastic lover of animals and plant lady, Dr Pegah Maasoumi; and chemist and globetrotting runner, Dr Scott Watkins.

Melbourne 4

9 May – Brisbane

Putting their reputation and relationships on the line in Brisbane are: burn biologist and cookie connoisseur, A/Prof Leila Cuttle; computer vision researcher and hockey addict, Dr David Hall; agricultural entomologist and karaoke queen, Dr Madaline Healey; and biomaterial engineer and aspiring muso, Dr Natalie Taylor.

Brisbane 4

12 May – Sydney

Putting their reputation and relationships on the line in Sydney are: microbiologist with an unhealthy addiction to coffee, A/Prof Willa Huston; geneticist, molecular biologist and baking enthusiast, Dr Kate Quinlan; neuroscientist, AI enthusiast and believer that pharmacological gastronomy is a thing, Dr William Redmond; and physicist, freediver and mountaineer, Dr Peter Rohde.

Sydney 4

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