Hi All  I need someone to help us with the door and a bit of advertising at Enlighten: checking people off the list, selling tickets, handing out flyers etc. $35/h

Just for an hour or so, each on  Thursday Friday Sat. And you can stay and watch the play for free...

Email me now or call 041494 55 77 if you can help out.


On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 1:21 PM Phil Dooley <phildooley@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi All

Come to a fun night of entertaining science at Enlighten this Saturday 9th March and see the Poet's Guide to Science - a Sceptic Think Tank, then check out the lights afterwards.

There will also be a Q&A with the director and cast after the show discussing how the play came about and what it hopes to achieve.

It's a fictional play about scientific controversies in today's society, and features guest appearances by local scientists discussing their research. (not acting, but there is a chance they might dance...) For more info read the review below...

5.30 - 6.15 - Eat Noodles at night Noodle Markets (meet under the tall silver fluttery thing in Questacon demo forecourt)
6.30  - 8.00 - Poet's Guide Play
8.00 - 8.20 - Q & A with Michele Conyngham, Phil Dooley and Patrick Davies Trumper
8.30 - 11  Lights!

Buy your own tickets to the Play in advance here (ASC discount: 20% off with the code MatesRates before midnight Thursday).

Hope to see you there,

Dr Suzette Searle from CPAS @ ANU said:

The play was was so enjoyable... rich with ideas, cleverly written and very funny as the audience, two actors and three guest scientists were brought together to look upon 'the meaning of life, the universe and everything' through the differing and overlapping lenses of the arts and sciences.

Michele Conyngham's dialogue was thoughtful, insightful and funny and the actors, Patrick Davies Trumper and Phil Dooley, were great to watch.

This was the first time I had seen such a novel engagement of the public and scientists on stage to explore what we know and what we choose to believe about current and controversial scientific issues. It is a great contribution to the practice of science communication.

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