Hi All

I'm doing a show around the traps in the next couple of months - perfect for an ASC outing :-)

It's called The Most Amazing Planet in the Universe - An Astronomer's Ode to Earth.

We’ve discovered thousands of weird planets, but Dr Phil says Earth is still the most amazing. It’s shrouded in corrosive gas, oxygen. Water falls from the sky in liquid and even solid form (rocks fall from the sky?). And there are bizarre green organisms: logically, plants should be purple. Let musician and physicist Dr Phil take you on an awe-inspiring trip that will surprise and astound you.

Tickets are on sale for Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide - Melbourne Early bird prices end on Friday, and there is a free double pass giveaway draw if you engage with the Facebook event - go on, share it with your friends :-)

If you have an email list you could share it on, I can provide text. Or if you have a good place for a poster let me know


I could give a talk during that week at your institution, if that might be of interest: something along the lines of why traditional science communication is losing traction and how to remedy it - a taster of  my training sessions: https://philuponscience.com.au/science-communication-training/ ...Or I could just do the Schrodinger's cat rap song...


* I can organise a discount code for your colleagues (but the cheapest price is still going to be the early bird tickets, until Friday 11th!)


Hope to catch a few of you there.

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