Back by popular demand: Poet's Guide to Science - A Sceptic Think Tank!  Hope you can come along!

Cy visits his doctor hoping for a cure for his loss of faith in science. The Doc is not interested, but soon the two embark on a journey to discover the truth, Although it's a fictional story, the characters in the play meet real scientists from ANU and discuss controversies around GM foods, vaccines and climate change.

The play features scientists Assoc Prof Nerilie Abram (ANU RSES), Dr Anne-Sophie Dielen (ANU JCSMR) and Harry Sutton (ANU JSCMR). It grew out of a collaboration between science communicator Dr Phil Dooley and Actor/writer/directors Michele Conyngham and Patrick Davies Trumper, with a goal to explore the deeper issues around the anti-science movement.

The subject matter is serious, but the play has plenty of comedy, music and even maracas!

It's at Smith's Alternative, 76 Alinga St Civic, 7PM Friday 21 September. Tickets $25/$20 concession.
Dr Phil Dooley
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