Hello ASC folks,


The weather is looking good for this Saturday 8 September when Scienceworks comes alive after-hours for AstroLight Festival!  We’d love your help to share with your networks – join the Facebook event or check out the AstroLight blog for lots of info about all our exciting speakers and activities.


Highlights include:

·         International Space Station flight controller Andrea Boyd and former astronaut trainer Dr Gail Iles discussing human spaceflight and possibilities for our species going beyond the Earth

·         Andrea Boyd and aerospace engineer Dr Naomi Mathers will talk about the new Australian Space Agency and the important role that Australia has to play in this accelerating industry

·         Ever heard of the concept of Spaghettification? OzGrav researchers Debatri Chattopadhyay, Lucy Strang and Hannah Middleton will enlighten you as they talk about gravitational waves and other exciting developments in astronomy (FYI: spaghettification is what happens when you get to close to a black hole)

·         Short and sweet talks in the Energy Lab, covering Indigenous astronomy, the discovery of baby planets, how scientists use light to make the regenerating cells of a zebrafish fluoresce, and more

·         Experience virtual space travel for yourself with Opaque Space’s award-winning virtual reality experience Spacewalk

·         Over 20 astronomy, light, and space science organisations with experts to talk to, hands-on activities, and ideas to blow your mind

·         A whole field of telescopes for stargazing

·         Planetarium and Lightning Room shows

·         Food trucks and café serving up intergalactic treats all night!


Join the Facebook event here or read more about all the activities on the AstroLight blog.




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