A dinosaur bird roams the rainforests of north-east Queensland swallowing fruit as large as mango whole!

(Do not try this at home)


My name is Vanessa Fuchs and I’m a Science Communicator and host of a new podcast from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney called Branch Out. The latest episode No Plants No Animals went live yesterday and explores the connection between plant and animal survival. It includes a trip to Taronga Zoo where you’ll get to hear from an expert birdkeeper about the ancient rainforest gardener sustaining our rainforests.


Listen on our website. Warning: mention of the word ‘poop’ may cause giggling.


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You can also catch up and listen to episode 1 No Plants No Medicine and episode 2 No Plants No Food.


If you have any questions or want to put forward some external talent for future episodes, please get in touch.


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