The Science Nation is touring an event called Spot the Bull S...cience. Last night's event in Adelaide was a resounding success - everyone learned a lot and laughed even more, Brisbane's even at the end of the month is going to sell out soon, but there's still tickets left to Saturday's event in Melbourne. The series is new to the city and any help to get bums on seats will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you


Spot the Bull S...cience

Have you got what it takes to tell the difference between real science and fake news? You do? Then put the might of your mind to the test at the greatest battle of intelligence, interrogation and intrigue.

Join the fun at the Science Nation this month as a lineup of the best, brightest and funniest scientists in Australia present you both facts and fiction. All you have to do is Spot the Bull S...cience! 

26 May - Melbourne

Trying to fool Melbourne is: science advocate, champion of biotech and STEMMinist, Dr Krystal Evans; animal physiologist, neuroscientist and backyard orchardist, Dr Angelina Fong; biomedical engineer who believes diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Dr Kate Fox; and immunologist and country girl, Dr Lisa Mielke; and immuno-virologist, turning being curious into a profession and wannabe artist, Dr Carolien van de Sandt.