On behalf of Lana a volunteer request for assistance with an environmental science Ed/coms program running at Sculpture by the Sea.


Contact Lana for info that isn’t included below or to volunteer, feel free to circulate widely to your scicoms crowds.



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From: Lana Kajlich
Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2016 7:05 AM
To: Derek Williamson
Subject: Hi and looking for volunteers for this Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday


Hi Derek


How are things with you?  Look forward to catching up over a coffee when I'm finished this Sunday and if you're in town.


Would I be able to ask for your help to draw on your volunteer networks?  I'm just urgently looking for volunteers this Friday, Sat and/or Sunday for Sculpture by the Sea.  I've had ~6 brilliant vollies per day thus far but my vollies are super busy with exams now. Do you have any suggestions for networks? 


Thanks so much and looking forward to that coffee soon!

Lana- 0433 247 932



This Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday


For an Art-Meets-Science project,
At Bondi's Sculpture by the Sea

Are you interested in science communication and the arts?
Do you care about Sydney's marine life?

Background:  Scientists at UNSW have discovered a method to re-create seaweed (crayweed) forests on reefs in Sydney, where they were once dominant but are now absent, by transplanting healthy, fertile adults from existing populations.  Crayweed is a vital, habitat-forming temperate seaweed that supports crayfish, abalone and a huge diversity of other fish and invertebrates, but has largely gone missing from ~70km of Sydney coastline.  Scientists at UNSW have developed method to restore these highly valuable crayweed underwater forests on Sydney reefs. This species is both a habitat and a food source which supports crayfish, abalone and a huge diversity of other fish and invertebrates at the restored sites. Good news for snorkellers, beach-goers and seafood lovers. 

As part of this year's Sculpture by the Sea, the artists, Turpin & Crawford will celebrate this good-news environmental project by creating an 'art-work-site' along the Bondi to Bronte walk which will conceptually highlight the underwater seaweed reforestation happening beneath the swell.  This large-scale restoration project "Operation Crayweed" will be featured in an art installation at Bondi's Sculpture by the Sea and is only on for these last days -
Friday, Saturday & Sunday (4-6th November).

The study: This study aims to quantify the impact of the scientists' outreach at this Art-meets-Science event.  Specifically, we aim to assess the efficacy of the three modes of communication (podcasts) on the public's level of knowledge of seaweed and on the public's sense of connection to the marine environment of Sydney, more generally.

Your role: We are looking for volunteers to collect survey data from the public.  We have found the pubic are very willing to participate and you will often have people queuing to get involved. Specifically, we need help 10-1pm Friday, 1:30-4:30pm Saturday and all day (10am-4:30pm) on Sunday.  Come for one session or come for many!

More info on the restoration:  www.operationcrayweed.com.au
More info on the artists: www.turpincrawford.com
More info about the study: Contact Lana Kajlich lana.kajlich@student.unsw.edu.au

We offer:  A free, healthy lunch & some transport- pls email Lana

Get involved: 
Log onto the timetable here and put your name down for as many sessions as you can attend.  You will receive thorough training on the day and chances to practice on other volunteers before you begin.  It is a friendly, environment, spent talking to people about this feel-good restoration project at a popular event.  

To sign up:   https://doodle.com/poll/ch4b6uxy6r9u8gbn

Volunteers needed - this Friday, Saturday &/or Sunday!


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