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Art Exhibition


Visual entanglement
21 March — 3 June 2016

Official opening: 6—7pm, Tuesday 22 March
FutureSpace Gallery (55 Exchange Place, The Science Exchange Adelaide SA)
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Gallery opening hours:
Mon–Fri 9am – 5pm

Artist statement

This exhibition is an expression of my understanding of quantum physics. I’m attempting to communicate how fundamental particles may have evolved. Quarks & leptons are the building blocks of matter – I’ve created curls & waves that relate to the physical properties found in these particles. The curved structures also create a framework that allows for connections and entangled systems to manifest and evolve that couldn’t happen any other way.

Malcolm Koch, highly commended at the last Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize, explores the unseen physiology of our world using his unique style of working with curved surfaces. This allows the surface geometry to play a part in creating an authentic interpretation of our natural world. Following these interactions the ‘membrane’ is returned to the flat picture plane — creating a metaphor for how we observe.

The discovery of this working practice has lead to a distinctive visual language and body of work he calls Membrane Art. An aesthetic thought that has largely been overlooked.