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Very excited that Lisa and RiAus have made this advanced sci comm session available at the national conference in March: http://2016conf.asc.asn.au/schedule/

Thanks to everybody for submitting such great ideas, hopefully we will make space for more of them, both at future physical events, and online on webinars.



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Great suggestions already- I thought I’d add another.  I went along to the opening plenary of the Social Theory, Politics and The Arts conference at UniSA last Friday (the keynotes were open registration to anyone for free, without full conference registration which I thought was a great idea).  If you take that science communication is a cultural good or service (I would) then the opening keynotes on measuring the value of cultural industries and culture and public policy are relevant.  Perhaps a good idea for a ASC conference session?



The speakers were

David Throsby is Distinguished Professor of Economics at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia.  He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Sydney and a PhD from the London School of Economics. He is internationally recognised for his research and writing on the economics of art and culture.  His current research interests include the economic circumstances of creative artists, culture in sustainable economic development, heritage economics, the creative industries, and the relationships between economic and cultural policy.



Julian Meyrick, Strategic Professor of Creative Arts at Flinders University, who runs the Laboratory Adelaide Project.   Laboratory Adelaide: The Value of Culture is an ARC-funded Linkage Project aimed at understanding how the value of arts and cultural events and organisations is determined in political, social and economic contexts and how this value is communicated throughout the various stages and relationships of funding and outcomes reporting.




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