Matt Damon, stranded alone on Mars, no radio, no back-up, 'scienceing the shit' out of how to survive for four years on just a few months worth of supplies ... what's not to love about this fantastic film, based on the best-selling novel by Andy Weir.

The NSW branch of Australian Science Communicators would like to invite you to a special screening of The Martian, at Dendy Newtown (cinema 7) on Wednesday 14 October at 6.30pm. 

And we're gilding the science lily by having a post-screening talk/Q&A by Professor Martin Van Kranendonk, director of UNSW's Australian Centre for Astrobiology, recently returned from consulting with NASA on possible Mars landing sites (which he could tell us about but then he'd probably have to kill us).

When: Wednesday 14 October, 6.15pm for 6.30pm start

Where: Dendy Newtown, cinema 7, 261-263 King Street, Newtown

Tickets: $10 for ASC members, $18 for non-members

RSVP/bookings . Tickets are limited so hurry.

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