Active & Flexible Bodies Moving With(In) Fluids

Professor Michael Shelley

Date/Time: Tuesday 4 August 2015, 6:00 pm

Location: Horace Lamb Lecture Theatre, The University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus

Cost: Free

Registration: Register here - http://www.maths.adelaide.edu.au/amsilecture/form.html

We are surrounded by structures that move and interact with a fluid. The study of how such immersed bodies interact with fluids has a long and interesting history, and defines a class of "moving boundary problems" that are central to science. What makes such problems especially difficult, and so fascinating for an applied mathematician, is that the dynamics of body and fluid are intimately intertwined and must be treated in an integrated way.

Come and see Professor Michael Shelley - New York University discuss active and flexible bodies moving withi(in) fluids.

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