Dear ASCers,

We launched our new science news portal for journalists ( this week and I wanted to make sure you’re all aware of it. So here’s a bit of info to help you get your head around this new resource.


What is The Science Media Exchange - Scimex?

Scimex is a breaking science news hub for Australia and NZ that has been designed especially for news reporters. It contains a constant stream of embargoed research news (mostly from scientists in the region) that can be accessed by vetted journalists with a login. It is also a place where journalists can go to find media savvy scientists, background info and expert reaction to contentious issues and breaking news. Experts who are keen to engage with the media are encouraged to apply for a profile on Scimex (nominations are accepted on the basis of peer reviewed publications in their area of expertise). Through their profile page they can pitch stories directly to the media, leave notes for journalists and upload video, animations, images and links to previous media work. Ultimately we want Scimex to become an engagement tool that brings the two communities closer together.


Institutions can upload research stories to the newsfeed for a small fee and soon they will be able to upload science events and contribute visuals to the multimedia library for free. There’s also free tips for media officers and scientists looking for support to engage with the media.

To find out more about Scimex and register please visit:

Here’s a very short video that explains what it is  -

and here’s a brochure with more info -


The creation of the portal was funded with grants from Inspiring Australia and the Myer Foundation and with pro bono support from web development company, Squiz. It is being developed in collaboration with the New Zealand Science Media Centre.


Happy to answer any questions if you have any.


Best wishes



Dr Susannah Eliott

Chief Executive Officer


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