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We’d love to see you at our exciting 2015 public speaker series. It’s been convened by Professor Bryan Gaensler, who’s a Fellow of the Academy and an astronomer of some note but (perhaps more importantly) a massive science fiction fan. It will be hosted by the ever-entertaining Dr Rod Lamberts and features a great line-up of exciting new science and gadgetry.


For those who can’t make it in person, we’ll be livestreaming each talk. If you can make it to the Shine Dome, series passes are now available at a discount.







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Academy launches exciting new 2015 speaker series


The work of scientists has long been fueled by the imagination of writers: lasers, robots, rocket ships and atomic power were all described in fiction long before they became a reality. Today, the frontiers of science continue to be inspired by ideas that were first explored in science fiction.


In this speaker series we’ll hear from Australians whose work is so incredible you’ll be surprised it actually exists. From artificial intelligence to quantum computing, invisibility to mind control: you won’t believe how much science fiction is about to become science fact.


Registrations are now open for the series pass.




















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