Hello ASCers,
Just a reminder for those in Canberra this evening, all are invited to attend a FREE public forum on the future of coral reefs, hosted by media personality Ruben Meerman, aka. The Surfing Scientist.
Featuring five prominent and engaging 'stars' of marine science (including one who recently shared the stage with actual Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio at an international oceans conference), the event provides a great opportunity for delegates and the public to engage in discussion on the future of coral reefs.
Topics will cover the Great Barrier Reef, the changing world of sea turtles, the dilemma of mixing resource development with natural assets, and much moreā€¦ with not a dot point or graph in sight!
Where: The Shine Dome, Canberra
When: Thursday, 3rd July, 5:15pm refreshments for a 6pm start (finished by 7pm)
The newly funded ARC Centre of Excellence for Integrated Coral Reef Studies has sponsored the event as part of their symposium the 'Future of Coral Reefs'.
For more information: http://www.coralcoe.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Public-Forum-Flyer.pdf
Please bring your Twitter: @CoralCoE #Coral14
 Contact: Melissa Lyne, 0415 514 328, melissa.lyne@gmail.com