Hi Rob and everyone, just to let you know.. this blog was NOT written by me… but by Alasdair Taylor at the University of Nottingham


See: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/chemistry/people/alasdair.taylor (his email is listed here if you want to contact him)


You can also follow Alasdair’s twitter as I do at @AWtaylor83


This is from his blog attheinterface, but I note he doesn’t identify himself on this… at least not how I could see!


But yes, a great piece – wish I had written it!




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​Jenni, This is a good read, but it nowhere contains the name of the author. I take it to be you?  If so, may we use it in our friends of Science in Medicine website, either as a link or by posting it in some way?


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Jenni Metcalfe

PHD student, University of Nottingham Feb - August 2014

On Universitas 21 exchange from University of Queensland 

Director Econnect Communication, www. Econnect.com.au

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