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Rodneyrick and Billhlem,

***Der Spiel***

Back in yesteryear, during the good old days of yore, most hours were earth hours.

Since then, the more we have learned about the earth, the less earthish our hours have become. It’s like the more we were able to illuminate, the less we really saw (woah…).

To remind us of this, the World Wild Life fund for nature invented Earth Hour, an hour each year when you turn off your lights. At night. For an hour.

“But wait”, we hear you cry, “turning the lights off doesn’t sound like much of a gesture. In fact, against the whole history of symbolic gestures, flicking a few switches sounds kind ofmeh.”

Well that may be true, until you imagine whole countries doing it. All at once. On the same day. During the same hour.

Now we’re talking.

From space, Earth Hour looks quite remarkable. And as avid looking-at-Earth-from-space folks, we at ScomBomb are psyched to be talking about this multi-country phenomenon with Andy Ridley, who for one hour a year is the Executive Director of the whole world.

Join us as we ask Andy if he is contractually obliged to work in the dark, and why he has it in for photons.

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