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This Thursday we return to our usual programing and are bombing the scom at 3:00pm. Who's on?

Well, check out the spiel below...

Drs Lambhurts & Grunt,

**the spiel**

People in the Australian science and science communication scene have probably never heard of the National Health and Medical Research Council. It’s an obscure, almost insignificant government body that manages and allocates mere hundreds of millions of medical research grants and releases major evidence-based statements about health issues that affect the whole country.

It’s really just no big deal.

But at ScomBomb, we are nothing if not philanthropic. So in the spirit of giving the little guy a shot, our guest this week is Prof Warwick Anderson, the CEO of the NH&MRC.

Join us as we ask Warwick the big questions, like if he suddenly gained heaps of friends when he left his simple life as a medical researcher and became the boss of truck loads of research money. And also if he secretly wears a stethoscope in his office when he thinks no one is watching.

Dr RG Lamberts
Deputy Director
Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science
A Centre for the National Commission of UNESCO

The Australian National University