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This Wednesday at Scienceworks…

Could a treatment for jetlag be used to prevent brain damage in newborns?

Brain stimulation devices:  science-fiction or science fact?

How planting trees can help us deal with landfill waste.


Join us for a drink and hear bright Victorian scientists talking about their research in plain English.

No jargon, no lab coats… and they’ve only got three minutes. They’ll perform in front of a public audience and a panel of judges.  Props, music and poetry optional.

There’s even a chance to take a look at museum’s new ‘Think Ahead’ exhibition.

It’s Australia’s first FameLab – brought to you by Fresh Science and the British Council.


Where: Scienceworks, 2 Booker Street, Spotswood, VIC

When: Wednesday 2 April, 6-8pm (with the museum’s new ‘Think Ahead’ exhibition open until 9pm)

RSVP: Places are limited.

Drinks and canapés will be provided.


FameLab Australia is presented by the British Council, The Cheltenham Science Festival, and Fresh Science. The Victorian State Heat is hosted by Scienceworks.


And next week…

FameLab WA in Perth – Tuesday 8 April, Maritime Museum, Fremantle. RSVP at

FameLab SA in Adelaide – Wednesday 10 April, The Lion, 161 Melbourne St in North Adelaide. RSVP at


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