Disaster - the plague has come to ScomBomb! 

Well, not to ScomBomb, but to today’s guest, David Ritter (CEO of Greenpeace Australia-Pacific). And at The Bomb, we believe in not passing on e-diseases to our loyal legion of pfans.

So, in the spirit of being our own BomBosses, we’ve decided to take our 2 week break early.

Starting today.

But we shall be back (dazed, confused, and grinning with the relaxations) on Thursday, 17th April when our likely guest (TBC) will be Warwick Anderson, CEO of the NHMRC. Cool, eh?

We’re rescheduling David Ritter and will get back to you on the new slot for Greenpeace goodness soon.

Hopefully you'll make through two whole weeks without us (not likely, we realise...).

Happy Thursday!

Rodneyrick & Billhelm,

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