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Hi Ian

Re: 2014 Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry winnersí booklet.

Last year Australian Science Communicators assisted us to recruit two writers to author articles on the winners and their projects for the Science and Innovation Awards. We are hoping to enlist your help again this year.

The winnersí booklet summarises each award winner and their project. The 2013 winnersí booklet can be found at Award winners 2013. Each article is around 250-300 words and is written in a news style that is accessible and engaging for a non technical audience. This year we expect to have 11 profiles for writing.

Winners are presented at the ABARES Outlook 2014 conference dinner in front of approximately 400 dinner guests and the booklet is distributed at the dinner and then to sponsors and winners afterwards.

We have funding of up to $2500 (GST inclusive) in total to go towards payment of a writer or number of writers. An ABN is not required and payment will be made on invoice from the writer/s. Non ABN holders will be required to complete a Statement by a Supplier form for tax purposes.

Prospective writers will be given sample award winnerís details (including the Science Award project) and will be asked to write a profile for our review. When we have chosen a writer (or number of writers) ABARES will provide the writer/s with the winnersí applications, contact details and answers to the following questions, as a starting point to writing the articles. The writer/s is/are encouraged to contact the winners for additional details and quotes.

Sample questions:

1.††††† Tell us about your research project.

2.††††† Why are you conducting this research?

3.††††† What industry issues have led you to undertake this project?

4.††††† How will the Award contribute to research on this topic?

5.††††† How will the research outcome impact the industry and who will benefit from it?

6.††††† What is the output of your research (e.g. a research paper, a product, a new way of doing something, a new application for an existing product, etc) and who will use it?

7.††††† What has led to your involvement in this field? Tell us about your personal background, where you grew up and where you studied.

8.††††† What do you hope to achieve upon completion of this project? (e.g. continuing research, new industry standards or approaches, etc)

Time frame:


Start date


Category winners advised of their success & invited to apply for M/Award - applications open



Request bios and photos for Winners booklet (included in Congrats letter/email)
Send conference registration form with category winner contact email



Request Sponsor bios and logos for Winners booklet



Source writer (allow one week), request work samples (allow one week)



Task writer/s for winners' booklet






Articles from writer/s due

By 17/01/14

Winners' booklet - winners bio and photos. Send to designer



Australia Day Public Holiday


Designer - booklet production including supply of draft



ABARES approval for winners' booklet



Winners booklet - to print


Delivery to ABARES



We hope that you will be able to communicate our requirements to your members. If you need clarification on any item, please do not hesitate to call or email.

We appreciate your assistance in this matter and look forward to hearing from some of your writers.

Katy Baumeister

Events Coordinator†† †|†† Agricultural Commodities & Trade branch† |†† ABARES††

Phone +61 2 6272 3051†† |† †Fax +61 2 6272 2346††

Email katy.baumeister@daff.gov.au

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Kali Madden

Executive Officer, Australian Science Communicators

& ASC Conference Director 2012, 2010