Panel Discussion: Communicating (and understanding) future technologies in medicine

ASC-Victoria is bringing together a panel of biomed researchers at the Science, Technology and the Future (†conference to look at how to responsibly communicate discoveries in medicine.
As technology changes the world, how do we keep the public on side? How do we communicate the potential of transformative technologies without making promises which canít be kept? And, as members of the public, how do we check the facts?
Join three scientists for a panel discussion on communicating the potential and pitfalls of future technologies:
  • Associate Professor Megan Munsie (Stem Cells Australia) the role in managing our expectations of stem cell technologies. How much of what we know is fact?
  • Dr Melanie Thomson (biomedical researcher from Deakin Univeristy), and prolific tweeter on the frontiers in microbiology. Does Twitter help or hinder the communication of science?†
  • Dr Martin Delatycki, Director of the Bruce Lefroy Centre of Genetic Health Research on what you get when you pay $99 for your genome? What is the future of personalised medicine and direct to consumer genetic testing?
The discussion will be deftly navigated by Dr Shane Huntington from 3RRR's Einstein-A-Go-Go science radio show. If you've signed up for the conference, this is a must-see session.

Date: Saturday 30th Nov, 3:30pm
Venue: Kaleide Theatre, RMIT University.
This session is being hosted by the Australian Science Communicators as a part of the Science, Technology and the Future Conference, 30 Nov to 1 Dec @RMIT University. Please note: There is a cost to participate in the conference.
For more information and to register†

See you all there!


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