Dr Karl was interviewed by Jane Hutcheon on One Plus One this week.


Until I saw this interview I had no idea of his background, or of the adversity he and his family had to overcome.


You can see the interview through iView:






Chris Forbes-Ewan




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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, author of 33 books, including his 2012 release, “Fifty Shades of Grey Matter” and his most recent book - “Game of Knowns”. Hear Dr Karl talk about his scintillating science scenarios, techy tales and tasty morsels to sate even the most haemoglobin-thirsty of his Twitter followers.

Venue: Ithaca Auditorium, City Hall

Venue address: Brisbane City Hall, 64 Adelaide Street, Brisbane QLD

Cost: Free

Details: To find out why psychopaths make good kings, how smartphones dumb down our conversations and why the left side of your face is the most attractive, join Dr Karl at Brisbane City Hall as he speaks about “Game of Knowns”.

Books will be available for purchase on the evening from Dymocks Brisbane, or bring your copy from home for Dr Karl to sign.

Call Brisbane Square Library on (07) 3403 4166 to reserve your place.

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