Working as scientists and communicators can be tough at times. Many of us work in relative isolation on small or highly specialised projects with set budgets and under intense time constraints. We regularly spend many hours applying for funding, and are often knocked back. As we labour on, heads down and bottoms up, it can be hard to find the time, opportunity or even motivation to touch base with each other.

In addition, the role of science in society has become somewhat unclear – muddied even – in recent times, and many of us feel undervalued or that our voices are not being heard.

In this month’s #onsci, we will explore the issue of wellbeing in our community.

Conversation will be guided by questions such as:

•  How do you relax and release the pressure of working in science?
•  Who are your strongest supports for personal wellbeing? – friends, family, work colleagues?
•  What role do the traditional ‘water cooler’ or tearoom discussions play in your feeling of wellbeing?
•  Has social media improved your capacity to touch base with or seek support from others?
•  Which platforms in particular are useful?
•  What are the downfalls to social media for professional support?
•  What more can we do to support each other into the future?

Join us from 9pm AEDT Thursday November 21. Newbies and old timers all welcome.

#onsci is a regular twitter chat session 'on science' run by Heather Bray, Sarah Keenihan, Kristin Alford and James Hutson. 

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