As a hard working science communicator myself, I’m wary of even a suggestion that hard work can shield a person from criticism. But that aside, ASC seems to have a pretty nasty chicken and egg problem: you need more members in order to have the funds to provide the resources and activities that would be needed in order to attract more members…


I do wonder if part of the problem is simply that ASC as a whole simply isn’t very clear about its purpose. At least in a professional association of doctors or lawyers, everyone in the association agrees about what a doctor or lawyer is. Science Communication seems to be a very vague grab-bag of notions; is it a science journalist, a media advisor, someone who works in the media department of an industry, a Doctor Karl, a Questacon Science Circus graduate, a small science-education-support business owner, a free-lance writer, a member of a grants steering committee, etc, etc, etc…  Please don’t reply to say that it’s all of those things, because at ASC it clearly is not; my own field is one that is either ignored or condescended to.


Having said that, I still like the idea of an association of people passionate about communicating science, and will happily pay my membership fee (currently overdue, must get to that…) but I don’t know that I’d pay more unless it became clearer exactly what I was paying for.


It seems that the majority of the time and energy resources available go to the annual conference. Is anyone questioning whether this is the best use of our very limited resources? It would seem that an expensive conference that the majority of members can’t get to, that accomplishes little of concrete value (saying that we need to establish best practice models does nothing to help establish best practice models), and uses the lion’s share of our resources, ought to be questioned quite closely.


So, having lit that fuse, I’ll now return to lurking and getting my actual work done…


Lee Harrison

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I'll bite too.


AS a founding member and past Exec member, I"ve seen ASC go through many, many iterations of how it presents to the world. Websites, newsletters, ideas for people's pet projects, ideas for great political change, ideas and projects that advance our cause. It all comes and goes in the natural cycle of life in a non-professional volunteer industry representative group.


I've also seen a lot of people not turn up to events or give feedback. Me included. I've seen states work so hard on initiatives that flop through lack of interest. I coordinated here in Tasmania for 14 years and tried every thing I could think of to engage members and I ended up stepping aside because I was exhausted from the effort for no gain and with little support.


I've also seen a lot of people complain but not do anything or volunteer anything.


ASC constantly asks what members want.


And many of us do put up project proposals that don't get acted upon, but this is life. Because it is a voluntary group, with scant resources, and as usual, only the solid few have the energy and drive outside their day jobs to put effort in on a consistent basis.


I have my times of loving/hating ASC, but it has never failed to strive for its objectives, and it is the only group in Australia with a charter to advance the profession of science communication in society. I will always support its existence, even though I don't always support individual tactics. This is part of a growing and developing organisation.


I would happily pay double my membership fee if that meant equipping the nat exec with the resources it needs to reach to the next level. Hell, I'd even triple it. This is my profession and I want to belong to a group of people who are 'my' people.


If you don't like the ASC-media list, or SCOPE, don't subscribe to it - we are a democracy - and see it for what it is: a posting list for media items to whoever wants to look.


If you want to communicate about communicating - go ahead!


But please don't bag out the organisation and the people who work so hard.


Jess Tyler

SciBiz Media & Communications

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Jess Tyler

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On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 10:00 AM, Ian M. <> wrote:

I'll bite....

Knowing a little bit about how the ASC runs, being actively involved over the past 3 years - to post onto the ASC e-lists you need to be a member but to receive the emails posted to the list - you don' potentially people who are emailing you back privately aren't members but want to reply?

I agree the list should be about us starting discussions, learning about events in your region and getting advice from those in the field....obviously the media list should be kept to media releases and promoting science.

I hope someone from the exec replies but I know that alot of the things you have suggested such as website and professionalism are well underway and I also look forward to hearing of the progress as well  - potentially at National AGM. Which - just to remind you the ACT branch is hosting on the 29th of November, so hopefully local members can come along if in Canberra.

I disagree with your comment on the Scope Newsletter - what is the justification for saying it's a flop? I thoroughly enjoy recieving it each month and think more members should contribute. Plus I always read a message from the National President giving us updates on national activities -

As for members not being involved in events - the ACT branch ran multiple events this year targeted at members and didn't get a great response - so this is something our committee is working on, the age old question - what do members want?

How do we best target events for our members? Do members want more webinars rather then events you have to physically attend?

We are using ASC money after all to run these, so we want to make sure that members are happy with what we are doing.

As Susan stated, join in, it is a great way to learn from each other - we are all a friendly bunch and if you are worried about posting from your work email - post from a personal email.


Dr Ian McDonald

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Subject: [ASC-list] Where's ASC headed? Was science or persuasion

I think Charles has a valid point..  ASC is beginning to look like Food4media or TravMedia.

Maybe we should do what some other associations do and charge a premium for these media release postings? They are after all advertising.  I think there are other better places to get media release, AusSMC, Eureka, Google alerts are a few of the places I subscribe and of course science direct topic alerts.

I personally would like to see more communication about communication on this list.  I know you can take the horse to water etc. But why don't members feel comfortable airing their bits on here?  So many times people have responded to me off the list.  I feel like shouting.  Keep it on the list.  

I would also like to see more communication from the executive on this list.  We haven't heard anything about the new website.  We keep employing scope editors and the newsletter keeps flopping.  We keep talking about becoming more professional but what's happening to our charter and code of ethics?  

Members are not involved in any of the communications for any of the events or funding or anything really, the only communication comes from those few that can be bothered to raise questions or liaise on the list.

I repeat.  We can't operate in a vacuum.  

Please don't email me off the list with your replies.  Keep it on the list.


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