From artwork to illustration to diagrams, visuals play a significant role in science communication. They tell stories, emphasise points, convey messages. They also engage you, inspire you and give pause for appreciation. 

Have you ever created science-y visual materials? 

Keep reading! This year, in ASC’s 20th year, we will be hosting yet another science art exhibition “SPECTRUM” to explore the range of art inspired by science, science communication enhanced by artists’ tools and reflections of the sci-comm community. 

You will need to bring your printed artwork to be mounted on display during the conference, and selected entrants will have a chance to share their work with the entire audience in one minute and with one slide in one of the Visual Fast Forward sessions, which will occur in plenary sessions. Find out more: [visit http://bit.ly/17M5aXF]

Kind regards

Kate Patterson and Signe Cane

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