Social media training for scientists

Science Media Space is for scientists and science communicators who want to learn how to maximise how they use social media to communicate their research and work. The online course delivers 10 modules over 3 weeks, showing you how you can use a range of social media tools and practices more effectively to maximise your interactions with your peers and the broader public. Our next course starts Monday 25 November 2013.

Course modules address topics such as why social media is important, how to write good tweets, Facebook posts and blogs, how to overcome bloggers’ block, guidelines for social media interaction and how to create the ultimate online profile. You can complete the tasks in our dedicated forum in the comfort of your home, office or lab. Daily feedback on modules and activities will be given by us at Bridge8  and Econnect Communication.

Here’s what some of our past participants have had to say:

We encourage you to share this email with your professional networks and encourage scientists and science communicators not on social media to give it a try. Register for any of the upcoming courses at


Robbie Mitchell

Science Media Space | @RobbieMitch | @SciMediaSpace



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