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On Thu, Nov 7, 2013 at 3:06 PM, Charles Willock <charlesw@cse.unsw.edu.au> wrote:

Hi All,

One of the things that comes across strongly from the statin
program, the National Health rulings and discussions which
followed, is the presence of corporate and self interest.

Are we, today, being subject to the very same thing?

Not to put too fine a point on it, a quick background check
indicates today's guest on SCOM BOMB, Ketan Joshi, is
(through his articles) a researcher and a communicator on wind
energy, economics, acoustics, ... and psychology.

He appears to have some qualification in one of those.

Joshi's contribution to Ockhams Razor


places his approach - and affiliations - pretty clearly.

But, isn't the ASC (and indeed the ABC) meant to be promoting
science not just promoting commercial-interests?  Or are the
wind-farm attacks ("Oh its all medical nonsense sponsored by
the Coal/Uranium industry") just a taste of the way of the future?

Its not the only misdirection going on ...

No doubt anyone who has a sense of these things will also be
aware of various genetically modified agendas lurking in the
background of postings to this list.  (Why for example, given the
lack of scientific rigour underpinning the statin findings and
the links with industry, should we deem it OK to accept PR
from Intergrain / GRDC with its affiliation with Monsanto.

Or, are we so blinded by our enthusiasm for science that we
should get all misty-eyed about government programs - such as
India's space program to Mars using minimal sensors to detect
life.  Or should we consider it more as part of their integrated
defence program?

Can we overlook the pattern of their launch programs over
the past few decades and recent acceleration over the past couple
of years the testing of a rocket with sufficient power to reach
5000 km (anywhere in China) carrying multiple independent
weapons.  Maybe we can just avert our gaze at the launching of
the INS Arihant nuclear powered submarine; the purchase of a
Russian nuclear submarine; and, without signing the nuclear NPT,
making an agreement to purchase Australian Uranium (thereby
freeing its own limited supplies for weapons development).

Have we forgotten the origins of the India-Pakistan conflict?


Or should we only object to pseudo-science from big Oil / big
Coal such as the television advertising such as that by Chevron
proclaiming how "natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel
there is" and, a lovely little embedded touch as the music
swells, "its the smart way to go" (1m:20s)


In essence:

   i.  regardless of their knowledge and depth of experience,
       how can the opinion of any industry based representative
       be trusted - regardless of whether they are government
       of private enterprise?

  ii.  like the great hopes for the environmental sciences
       in the 1980's - only to discover that the only jobs
       were to work for the mining companies - is the
       communication of science and technology now being
       diverted to merely becoming an arm of corporate

 iii.  given the corporatisation / globalised funding of
       scientific resarch, can the opinion of University
       researchers or government be trusted?

What position should the ASC play in this?

I realise that parts of this topic are also relevant to next
weeks discussion - but, not a reason to ask those questions now.

(yes, whose first job was as an Engineer with a major power company)

On Thu, Nov 07, 2013 at 12:25:15PM +1100, Lamberts Rod wrote:
> I for one never miss anything on wind chimes.
> If I weren?t part of it, I would totally be watching it at 3:00 pm today.
> On 7 Nov 2013, at 12:13 pm, Will Grant <will.grant@anu.edu.au> wrote:
> > Hello there ASC list,
> >
> > How are you today? I am well.
> >
> > Of all the turbines that exist in today?s world, wind turbines are the most polarising.
> >
> > Have you ever wondered why?
> >
> > Well wonder no more! This afternoon's SCOM BOMB drops the bomb on the communication and politics of wind turbine issues. Joining Rod and me in dropping the bomb is Ketan Joshi, a renewable energy research and communications guy at a renewable energy company.
> >
> > Watch on this afternoon (3pm) at
> > http://nofunnybusiness.net/2013/11/scom-bomb-blowin-in-the-wind-turbines/
> >
> > The video will also be available afterwards.
> >
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