As Chris Forbes-Ewan suggested, for those interested in an analysis of the ABC Catalyst programs on saturated fats and statin (anti-cholesterol) medication, you couldn’t go past reading

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Disclaimer: I wrote it!


As a GP, I need to judge lots of evidence about health without necessarily becoming an expert in the field. I find my best bet is to look at the information presented through my ‘sceptometer’.


In the article and in one of my comments below it, I explain how I applied this ‘healthy scepticism’ process to the Catalyst statin debate.


By way of introduction, I have been an ASC member since 2010, but a relatively passive one: I read posts all the time, but don’t post.


In my defence, I have been busy being President of the ASC’s cousin organisation for four years; the Australasian Medical Writers Association.


The ASC aims and ideals about accurate and interesting writing are dear to my heart—I just apply the same thing to the field of medicine instead.


I have a particular interest in the pitfalls of overtreatment, and blog about this on Croakey.





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