12 July 2013

Malala Day

Here's the thing about the future, it changes, when you look at it, it changes.

The future for almost 60 million young boys and girls on the Planet who currently are prevented from going to school changed today due to a single girl's voice.

Join Malala and raise your hand

Today is Malala's 16th birthday and she just addressed a special UN General Assembly with its first Youth Congress. I was inspired watching it just now at home in Canberra. The Taliban did not want Malala in Pakistan to reach her 16th birthday so they shot her in the head last year.

Malala lives. Her speech says she does not hate the Taliban and wishes for the Taliban's children an education denied by terrorism and too many other disasters to almost 60 million young boys and girls. The real disaster is these too many young boys and girls and girls not going to school - no much at stake just humanity's future!

Education First is the UN's Millennium Objective (part of a 900 year plan) that by the end of 2015 (less than 2 years) that these almost 60 million young boys and girls will be in school receiving their basic human right to education.

Malala said to the UN General Assembly that not only is education a child's basic human right it is their duty and responsibility to receive an education. As science communicators we can help everyone to reach this lofty goal.

I request that everyone reading this go to this link:


At tonight's special Youth Assembly at the UN General Assembly was a Plan-supported youth delegation from over 15 countries who came together to call for urgent prioritisation of education in all countries, especially those failing Sovereign states, across the globe.

Malala raises her hand in support of Plan's 'Because I am a Girl' campaign. I too raise my hand. Will you raise your hand, for Malala, for all of us?

I sincerely, most sincerely, hope so for the 60 million young boys and young girls, for the future of Humanity!

Malala has already shown her support for Planís raise your hand campaign to prioritise girlsí education. Join Malala and raise your hand now.

Planís and our goal is to reach 1 million hands, which will be presented to the UN Secretary General calling for action.

Follow @PlanAustralia on Twitter to find out more and get involved.

That is my wish as a fellow science communicator.

Glenn Conroy

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