Dear ASC-ists,

As some of you already know, I had a hefty health scare in late May which left me unable to work or carry-out my ASC duties. Although I am recuperating well now, there are still a good few months of reduced workload ahead for me before I am back to full health and function.

This means I cannot realistically meet the obligations of the role of ASC National President and so I have, very reluctantly, decided to step down. 

This was not a decision I made lightly. I had some large and shiny plans for the ASC back in November last year and was enjoying the opening phases of enacting these with the ASC Executive and National Council. But having weighed up what's possible for me, and what's fair and practical for the ASC, the only reasonable path was for me to stand aside and let someone else take the lead.

The Executive have decided the best way forward now is for one of the Vice Presidents to take on the role of Acting President until the next AGM when a full election can be held. I am pleased to announce that Claire Harris has agreed to take the job, with the full confidence of both the Executive and National Council. Of course she will not be doing this alone, and will be well supported by the other members of both governing bodies of the ASC.

Although my time in the big chair was brief, it was something I have really valued. I want to thank the broader ASC membership, and the Executive and National Council in particular, for the energy, support and enthusiasm they offered me and my grand schemes! I also want to extend a special thanks to Kali Madden (ASC EO) and Sarah Lau (ASC National Secretary) for handling so much of the thankless, administrative, behind-the-scenes ASC work that many people don't realise is constantly going on in the background.

As disappointed as I am to have to step down, I do so with great optimism for the Association. The ASC is in exceptional hands, and I believe will only continue to go from strength to strength. 

Cheers for now,

Dr RG Lamberts

Deputy Director
Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science (CPAS)
A Centre for the National Commission of UNESCO

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