I too confess to being a Grumpy Old Communicator, and to ruthlessly editing the ‘s’ off documents written by scientists and other bureaucrats unfamiliar with the English tongue.


But then Wendy and I are old school chums, so to speak.


I hereby propose we form a seditious group within ASC, known as the GOCs, where we can share pet hates (such as acronyms!). Who knows, it may one day make an amusing guide for those who come after and who, thanks to a crumbling education system, know no better...






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Is there anyone except me who gets annoyed by the use of the word “communicationS” – i.e. communication with an S on the end?


As my colleague, Wendy Parsons, pointed out when I was working at CSIRO almost 18 years ago… this use of the word generally relates to cables, wires and similar infrastructure.


Perhaps, I am just getting old and cranky?


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