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We're extending Fresh Science nominations until next Friday 29 June, in part because we can now tell you that Fresh Science was one of 63 Inspiring Australia grants announced by Senator Chris Evans, the Minister for Science and Research.

Please the message along to any outstanding early-career researchers you know. It's easy to apply online at, and we'll be holding state finals this year so they've got a better chance than ever before.

This year we're holding state finals - a day of media training and a public event - so there are even more chances for young scientists to get some communication experience.

Tell any early-career scientists you know that it's easy to apply - they just need to have a go at explaining their work in plain English and get a supervisor, a mentor or someone else who knows their work to nominate them.

Applications are online at

Fresh Science is a communication boot camp for researchers no more than five years out from their PhD. It creates a cadre of media and public-friendly scientists and generates hundreds of media stories about Australian science.

We're looking for:

·        early-career researchers (from honours students up to five years post-PhD);

·        with a peer-reviewed discovery which has had no media coverage;

·        and some ability to present ideas in everyday English.

Applications for Fresh Science close at 5pm next Friday 29 June.

Please pass these details along to anyone who you think might fit the criteria.

There are more details and information about past winners at

Now in its 15th year, Fresh Science is supported by New Scientist and Museum Victoria.

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