Judging by 250 delegates a day, overwhelmingly positive feedback, the high level of buzz and the intense twitter stream, the recent ASC national conference was a great success. So when is the next one? Options are open but we are currently exploring 2014 as it coincides with some significant anniversaries.


We might need a 3 day-long event again to allow time cover a wide range of topics and to have longer professional development sessions. But we welcome views about running a 2 day long conference. Or we can have 2 days of issues sessions followed by a workshop day.


Other options and formats have been floated by the success ASC2012. We may not yet have resources to run a big gig every year but it might be good to have some national attraction in-between the major biennial conferences.


What are your thoughts about the frequency and timing of ASC conferences?




Jesse Shore

President, Australian Science Communicators