Dear ASC Members,

I'm pleased to announce that the Call for Abstracts for MA's 2012 National Conference is now open. 

The conference theme this year is "Research and Collections in a Connected World".

How can museums and galleries contribute to the needs of a world that is awash with information but hungry for meaning? To address this important and timely question, we will offer a diverse program of events exploring the potential of research:
Within this overarching theme, session threads will embrace the arts, natural history collections, heritage sites, specialist collections, visitor research, social history, living collections, community initiatives, digital heritage and interdisciplinary ventures.
We look forward to staging a diverse and stimulating program, and are encouraging voices from outside the museums sector as well as from within it. So even if you are not from a museum, please don't let that be a barrier to submitting an abstract!
Further details are available from Follow the links to download an abstract submission form.
Call for submissions closes 27th April 2012.
Best wishes

Regan Forrest (MA 2012 Planning Committee)