No, not seeing the glass as half empty - I'd be delighted if these figures are truly reflecting increased enrolments in reputable science courses - but given how many Aussie universities (half) are now offering pseudoscience courses as science, it does warrant a bit of dissection of the figures to find out exactly what science is involved here. Science is, as we know, a broad field with increasing numbers of pseudoscience interlopers.
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An interesting discussion. But are you all seeing the glass as half empty?


Science is the most popular course at UniMelb. Arts is second. Biomedical courses are third.


If these trends are being repeated at other Group of Eights (hopefully none of whom are teaching iridology) then there has to be at least a glimmer of good news.


BTW I should note that my numbers were sourced from VTAC and include everyone, not just first preferences.


Melbourne’s first preference numbers are on the web here…


And I understand that they have not taken up the government offer for more places.






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