Hi Kali and fellow ASCers,

I might as well add my own (very recently started) blog to the list. It's called Archimedes' Soapdish. You can find it at: www.archimedessoapdish.com

Dyani Lewis
Associate Producer (Science and Technology)
Up Close podcast
University of Melbourne
email: dyanilewis@gmail.com

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Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:03:22 +1100
From: Kali Madden <office@asc.asn.au>
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Subject: [ASC-list] Fwd: ASC Member Blogs : David Ellyard
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Dear ASC-Listers,

Our esteemed ASC Treasurer and long term ASC contributor has kindly shared
news of his current Antarctic adventure and a link to his blog below.

It would be great to see other ASCers blogs too.

If you have one to share or know of any science communication related blogs
that you enjoy please send them on to me and we will start a collection.