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This is my occasional update on science prizes, this time highlighting a new $25,000 prize for early career biomedical researchers.

The Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize is a $25,000 award for outstanding creativity in biomedical research by young scientists. The winner gets to spend half on themselves and half on their research. Applications close Monday 19 September.
Description: Description: Description: for the $50,000 CSL Florey Medal are open until 16 September.

The L'Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellows have been announced, as have the finalists for the Eureka Prizes – we’re pleased to see some familiar names amongst them from past prizes.

The Australian Academy of Science has several awards for research in Australia, and for collaborative programs with other countries.

And we have several media training courses coming up for scientists – in Sydney next Wednesday (7 September); Melbourne on Tuesday 4 October, and Canberra on Friday 14 October just after the PM’s Prizes.

We’re happy to mention other science prizes in future bulletins—just drop us a line with the details. We’d be particularly keen to hear about more prizes for the physical sciences.

For more, follow the links below:

Centenary Institute Lawrence Creative Prize – nominations close 19 September

L'Oréal Australia For Women in Science Fellows announced

CSL Florey Medal—nominations close 16 September

Australian Academy of Science awards and international programs

Eureka Prizes

Upcoming media training courses in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra


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