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Dr Jesse Shore will be visiting Perth! Jesse is the brain behind science communication consultancy company Prismatic Sciences (based in NSW).

His bio states: Jesse aims to make science meaningful to a variety of audiences. He places science in a cultural context, explores ideas from diverse and unusual perspectives and flavours it with a bit of fun. His current focus is to develop science based content for multiple-media delivery such as television and the web based services.

With over 25 years of experience as a science communicator creating exhibitions (at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney), public events, a science festival and working with other communications media - he is well placed in science communication in Australia.

Jesse has served or is serving on state coordinating committees for National Science Week and for the Australian Science Communicators (ASC) and is currently the President of ASC. He is also a member of working groups relating to the Inspiring Australia Report.

Come to dinner and spend some time networking with fellow ASC members and meet Jesse.
Date: 3 August 2011

Time: 7pm onwards

Location: Oxford Hotel Brickworks Restaurant

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