A good topic.


I don’t think this is a debacle – it’s just science – with the blogosphere  over-reacting partly because of a clumsy media alert from NASA that overpromised.


I liked this comment from the blog you cited.


“If question remains about the voracity of these authors findings, then the only thing that is going to answer that doubt is data.  Data cannot be generated by blog discussion… Talking about digging a ditch never got it dug.”


Science is messy, peer review is messy and sometimes it’s good for us to be exposed to that.












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OK well all is good.  Jessie Shore assures me this is the place to communicate.  So lets get started.

There has been much said this week about the arsenic eating bacteria that apparently means we are inhabiting the earth with extra-terrestrials.  There’s a whole # devoted to it over at twitter.  My question to the whole debacle was, “If the controls were flawed WHY was the experiment published?”

Here’s a pretty good timeline of the event http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/notrocketscience/2010/12/10/arsenic-bacteria-a-post-mortem-a-review-and-some-navel-gazing/


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