Creating an entry for science communication in career guides.

In Jesseís email about strategies the ASC might take regarding the IA recommendations I noted that no actions were proposed for recommendation #11. 
Recommendation 11
That a key focus of the national initiative should be raising awareness among young people of opportunities in science and research. The Australian Governmentís investment in schools, higher education and research should be harnessed to achieve this.
ASC strategic actions: no strategy identified at present beyond various activities being undertaken by individual ASC branches


I suggested to Jesse that we could gather some information about science communication as a career to include in government and school career information packages. Careers in science are well canvassed in these packages, yet I have not been able to find any that include information about science communication.  If we want to raise awareness of this as a career, what better way than letting young students know that it is an option?


Below is a list of questions that are commonly found in career information packages. I invite you to respond with answers to some or all of these questions, and hopefully we can create an intriguing, interesting profile to entice more young people into science communication (or at least raise awareness of this as a career).


What duties/tasks do you perform as a science communicator?

Are there any Ďspecialisationsí in this field? (Are there different fields within this field?)

What are the working conditions (such as travel, interaction with other people/industries, etc)

What are the personal requirements that a person needs to be successful in this field? (such as being comfortable talking to people from all walks of life, good writing skills, etc)

How did you get into this field? (such as through a tertiary degree, from a different field, etc)


Iíll collate your responses to post them on the ASC website. Then Iíll work with the ASC team to feed this into the Inspiring Australia process.


Emily Christoffels

BSc (Botany)

Currently studying Master of Science Communication

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