World Youth at the Science Exchange – come support some young scientists!


As part of our Winter program at RiAus, we’re hosting ‘World Youth @ The Science Exchange’: an exhibition of student science projects as part of the International Students Science Fair taking place in Adelaide from 13-17 September.  120 students from 14 countries will be attending, showcasing their project work.


The students exhibit their poster presentations of their research projects on Wednesday 15 September 1pm-4pm at the Science Exchange, Adelaide.  I wanted to ask ASC members here in SA if you have a bit of time spare that afternoon, it would be great if you could drop by to support the students.  I would love it if any of you are able to visit and chat with the students about their projects, and why communication of science is so important (both to other scientists, and wider).  It’s a chance to support some really enthusiastic and bright kids.


I’ve got a few slots:

·         1-1.45pm

·         1.45pm-2.30pm

·         2.30pm-3.15pm


Drop me an email at if you think you’ll be able to make it.  No formal judging of projects or anything like that, just supporting their exhibition.


Best wishes