From the tiniest human cells to the greatest volcanoes, from the milky way to computer vision and chicken talk, six top Australian scientists are in the running for this year’s Eureka Prizes People’s Choice Award and it’s time to cast your vote.


The People’s Choice Award goes to the scientist who receives the most online votes during the voting period.


The six scientists to vote for are:


Professor Chris Evans and Dr K-lynn Smith - a team of Sydney animal behaviouralists who have studied chickens and learned they can communicate in complex ways never known before.

Dr Clinton Fookes - a Brisbane signals processor who has harnessed the power of computer vision to recognise and report on people and actions to improve our security in public places.

Professor Naomi McClure-Griffiths - a Sydney astrophysicist who has made a giant map of hydrogen in the Milky Way that gives us insights into how our galaxy was created.

Dr Clare Parish - a Melbourne stem cell scientist who has found new ways to rewire the injured brain by improved cell transplants.

Dr Wouter Schellart- a geophysicist/geologist from Melbourne who created a new theory of Earth dynamics to answers to the big questions like what creates mountain ranges, ocean basins, volcanoes and earthquakes

Ryan Taft - a Brisbane geneticist who has found the smallest known keys to turning genes on and off and discovered that what was once considered ‘junk’ DNA is actually essential to our humanity


To find out more about the finalists and vote, visit Hurry, voting closes midnight AEST Sunday 15 August.


Everyone who votes has the chance to win great prizes, including Microsoft software, New Scientist subscriptions, Abbey’s book vouchers, ABC merchandise and a chance to have their DNA sequenced by Australian Museum scientists.


Presented by the Australian Museum with support from the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, ABC, Microsoft, New Scientist and Abbey’s Bookshop, Sydney, the People’s Choice Awards winner will be announced at a black tie gala dinner in Sydney on August 17.


Ruth Carr

Coordinator, Australian Museum Eureka Prizes


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