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Thinking critically about sustainable energy: our fossil fuel future

Barry Brook, Susie Smith, Bassam Dally, John Kaldi
Wednesday 7 July
6.00 - 7.30pm
The Science Exchange

Free but booking essential

Fossil fuels have a high energy density and provide an excellent source of energy when burned. However during the combustion process a number of pollutants are released such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and carbon dioxide.

Can we continue to burn fossil fuels and hope to cut the emissions of these environmentally damaging by-products? How far advanced are carbon capture technologies and are they a viable means of reducing carbon emissions in the face of climate change?

Join Professor Barry Brook as he invites his expert panel to discuss our fossil fuel future. What is the potential for the next generation combustion systems that burn fossil fuels in cleaner and more efficient ways and how they can be integrated into our existing systems? Likewise, what  options are available for the geosequestration of CO2 and how will these carbon capture and storage mechanisms work within our existing infrastructure?  And how is industry approaching these challenges?

This event is one of six public forums aimed at providing a comprehensive examination of sustainable energy technologies and critical evaluation of their potential for reducing carbon emissions. Come along, hear what the experts think and ask your own questions about our fossil fuel future.

In association with the Centre for Energy Technology, Environment Institute/Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources.



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