Dear Colleague,

World-Wide Day in Science - Wednesday -- 22 April 2009.

Record the high point of YOUR day Persuade a colleague to.

10 minutes at your desk ... Show teens the attractions of science.

For SEVEN years, we have captured the 'Day.'

Sydney to Montevideo. Astrophysicists to nurses to zookeepers.

13 year old to Nobel Prize winner.

500 stories last year!

New lesson plans for teachers.

200 words The high point of your 'Day'.

What drew you to science in the first place?

Take the 5-question 'personality test'. A photo or two to upload?

Stories are ABOUT April 22 & are DUE May 19.

On holidays? Had a boring day? Say so. Also, describe an INTERESTING day at work.

Contributed last year? Update.

It takes just 10 minutes ... (wink)


Will Rifkin, PhD

Director, World-Wide Day in Science

Director, Science Communication Program

Faculty of Science, The University of New South Wales

Sydney, NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA

P.S. Apologies for repeat postings.