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From: Rasha Dewedar <rasha.dewedar@iolteam.com>
Date: Tue, Apr 7, 2009 at 7:19 PM
Subject: Freelance Writers Needed
To: mashfaqy@yahoo.com, kondohr@cosmopr.co.jp, kjxw@sina.com, office@asc.asn.au, absw@absw.org.uk, vickybartilet@yahoo.com

Dear  Sir/Ms.



My name is Rasha Dewedar, I'm an Egyptian science journalist working for IslamOnline.net web portal.


I work for the health and science section in the English page of the website, and we are currently recruiting new professional freelance science writers.


I'll be grateful if you send me the names and contact information of the English speaking writers in your association. This will help us a lot.


Thanks in advance and looking forward for your reply.





Best Regards,





Kali Madden
Email: kali.madden@gmail.com

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