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Here’s a brief summary of the three symposia that ASC hosting this year. All three symposia will use plenary panels and focused small group sessions to deliver strategies, tactics and examples of how to communicate the science of climate change (prediction of impacts, mitigation and adaptation strategies etc).  These will be published online and in hard copy. The three symposium focus on different audiences:


1. Perth – 24 March 2009 – Focuses on communicating with a sceptical audience and is part of the Greenhouse 2009 conference; you can register to attend the symposium and find out program details by clicking on:


(Please note you need to register by the end of February to get a discounted rate)


2. Brisbane – 19 August – Focuses on communicating with business, industry and government leaders and is part of the International Ecology Congress – details of this symposium, including initial program and registration will be posted on ASC website soon


3. Canberra – Date TBC – Focuses on communicating with the general public and will be part of an ASC Conference – more details soon.


Please contact me if you require further information.





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