The primary objectives of the position are to develop an effective relationship with scientists within QIMR to:

·         provide advice in relation to media strategy and communications to maximise the coverage of the important published research findings ; and

·         co-ordinate all scientific communications ensuring the messages are integrated with and support the overall communications strategy of the Institute.




QIMR is a statutory body under the QIMR Act (1945). The mission of QIMR is to promote the wellbeing of humankind through medical research, to maintain within the State of Queensland an internationally recognised centre for medical research, to develop that centre as the primary focus of medical research within the State and to collaborate with other medical research establishments within the State and throughout the world.


The Corporate consists of staff groups located in the Bancroft Centre and Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre. The Division is organised as four branches, each headed by a Senior Manager:

·        Corporate Support

·        Scientific Support

·        External Support

·        Legal and Risk Support


The role of the Corporate Division is to provide support services to QIMR's research staff to enable them to effectively conduct research and development. This position reports directly to the Senior Manager External Relations, and works in consultation with other members of the External Relations group. The role has both an internal focus (managing relationships with scientists) and an external focus (managing relationships with key external stakeholders including the media and the wider community).


The role is a critical conduit in helping to build the QIMR brand – understanding the science and seeking to effectively communicate this to the community and market in such a way as to advance QIMR and its objectives.




The Science Communication Manager reports to and receives policy direction from the Senior Manager External Relations and is expected to work with a degree of independence and autonomy in the determination of strategies, priorities, work standards and the allocation of resources within the position's areas of responsibility.


Reporting into this role include positions in the Science Communication and Education teams.




·         Developing effective working relationships with scientists and the Consumer and Community Participation Committee  – understanding the aims and methods of the research being undertaken and working with the scientists to help develop communications which both publicise their achievements and which help to build QIMR’s profile for excellence in research.

·         Development and implementation of an overall media strategy for publicising the research efforts of the Institute.

·         Development and delivery of media awareness and training programs and tools to educate scientists regarding effective media coverage and ensure this is undertaken in a consistent manner.

·         Research, draft and disseminate media statements, stories, media releases and background information on behalf of QIMR.

·         Oversee the community relations program which includes scientific tours of QIMR, scientific speaking engagements and displays.

·         Help develop the education program undertaken by QIMR – visits to schools and other interested parties.

·         Development of documentation of published research for use internally and externally.

·         Provision of accurate scientific content for the website.

·         Contribute to the preparation of the External Relations Branch’s strategic and business plans

·         Ensure all media and communication is undertaken in accordance with various legislative requirements.

·         Monitor performance of the Science Communications team against budget on a regular basis

·         Coordinate and consult with subordinate staff, reviewing reports and recommendations

·         Manage the selection and training of subordinate staff positions, establishing lines of control, defining and agreeing key KPIs and delegating responsibilities



Vivienne Johnson

Senior Manager | External Relations


300 Herston Road, Herston QLD, 4006

PO Royal Brisbane Hospital, Brisbane, QLD, 4029

Tel: +61 7 3362 0206 | Fax: +61 7 3362 0102

Email: vivienne.johnson@qimr.edu.au